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The communication process is part of deeply rooted cultural habits.  

New intercultural circumstances demand new solutions. 

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International Customer Service

Our comprehensive and fully accredited Intercultural Hospitality program is designed to develop the ability to establish and sustain commercial relationships with foreign clients.

Ideal for the Hospitality and Private sector, Luxury Retail.


Duration: 7 hours

In-person training


Team coaching: 
Global Mindset

Acquire a "Global Mindset", a spirit of openness.

Gamified Coaching and Intercultural Team support.


Culture shock! Accompaniement

The Class helps you to adapt well to your new culture:


Support and accompaniment during the period of adaptation to culture;

Assistance to expatriates;

International relocation;

Family adaptation;

Professional mobility.​

From short cultural support up to one month of private study time.


Manager's and HR's Solution

This Train the Trainer course enables you to train your team in the fields of Intercultural Awareness. 

In-person or Online you will receive all the necessary materials and Intercultural training Techniques to explore with your people such cultural pillars as:

Cultural expectations;
Building trust;

Service satisfaction;

International sales;
Human interactions.


Intercultural training:
Business Negotiations

Communication and intercultural understanding Educational Meeting adapted to the specificities of your exchanges, negotiations, deadlocks.

Please, feel free to book a complimentary Zoom call to discuss all the necessary details.


Classic Cross-Cultural Course for All

La Classe supports you and helps your teams to understand and establish close and productive contacts with your partners and customers:  

from Asia,

from Europe,

from Africa,


from the Middle-East,

of the former Soviet republics.

Laura Vossa Chargé de Formation

European staff working in direct contact with foreign clients: Russians, Asians, Arabs, South Americans, Anglo-Saxons, Africans, etc., based on in-depth studies, these trainings analyze listening, the style of presentation, verbal dialogue and non-verbal, decision-making, and provide practical advice to avoid intercultural misunderstandings.​ 

Laura Vossa

Training Officer

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