Writing to an ex is good for mental health.

Hello dear friends and colleagues!

Here we are discussing #hospitality, the core of life and for someone - a profession.

And now we are in the heart of the #mentalhealth discussion as to treat others we have to start from ourselves.

When we practice to be kinder to ourselves we are naturally kinder to others.

So, good news today: writing to an ex is good for health.

If you know the desire at 3 o’clock in the morning to write a long message to your ex, but you have already deleted his phone, then it‘a bad!

It doesn’t matter whether you are sober or not at that moment, but speaking out is very good for a mental health.

According to psychologists, the presentation of thoughts to former lover, former friend or enemy can have a therapeutic effect and in general is an important step for working out negative experiences and moving forward.

We use writing as a form of cognitive-behavioral therapy to form a stream of consciousness that allows us to pour out deeper feelings and sensations.

A study conducted at the University of Auckland showed that those people who openly write at least 20 minutes a day about their negative experiences and emotions after an unpleasant and even destructive life occasion quickly recover from mental trauma and become stronger in terms of mental and physical health.

And here are five reasons why:

  1. We stop thinking too much about negative experiences.

  2. We fall asleep better and sleep better when in this way we relieve stress that causes nervousness and insomnia.

  3. Our health is better, the less we experience negative emotions.

  4. We change our thinking when we write. The stream of consciousness makes it possible to shift the focus of your thinking precisely to the situation, and not to sensations.

  5. We begin to live quietly on.

PS. Just write a letter, not SMS. Tested on the own experience 😃😃

PPS. More mental health discussions in our Instagram @monacolaclasse

Very sincerely yours,

La Classe

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