La Classe Results Report 2017

The Biggest Achievement of La Classe

this year we consider working with the check-up unit of Princess Grace Hospital. Here we finally left the format of the lectures and moved into the format of teamwork. With the whole team, headed by a professor, we’ve analyzed the situation and came to proper ways of showing excellency in client welcoming.

Gouvernmental Support in Every Way

It was important to us to get the accreditation by FEDEM. Now our clients from Monaco receive 30% of the money spent for La Classe training back to the cashier.

In the same year we were awarded by Monaco Welcome for the contribution to the development of quality hospitality in the Principality, which is especially important and pleasant for us.

We were happy to participate in the panel discussion, introducing our method. Telephone etiquette became a hit of the discussion. We’ve opened some secrets and taught to cope with two lines on hold, while the client physically comes.

Of course, we cannot fail to note the development of a new, rich and very important course on Multicultural Communication, which was presented at the Le Meridien Hotel and received excellent reviews.

The niche was determined

Working on a yacht — is always a special pleasure which is accompanied by our personal growth and development. After all, it’s not just how you dress the table and what kind of corner you are presen when you make a bed. It’s not about the side from which you serve the client, and not even how do you meet your guests on board. The point is that all these trainings and special knowledges should not be noticeable to the eye. As in a ballet. The beauty of every movement is organic. We achieve it.

Our client knows very well that he wants a manual control, detailed training, upon his mentality and his standard. He wants to come over the next day and see a qualitatively increased level. Our client wants harmony. Symphony. He wants the team to be an orchestra, conducted by Valery Gergiev. This sound is wanted by our client. And he gets it.

Every gesture is worked out. Situations are being played out. Lunches are being prepared and served. Yes, we walk with a book on the head when you need to correct your posture. And we learn to sit gracefully, bend over, smile, and answer. Fifteen minutes of articulation exercises in speech technique and even a young Frenchman speak as you begin to understand him.

And what can be more important when he represents your company, starting a conversation with the client?

We take responsibility to advise, even if your standards are spelled out. And most likely they are registered. Only, as practice shows, not everyone reads them. We try to show that it’s not always natural, when European girls adapt the Asian service tricks. Hence  «Service à la Monégasque» was born, which is the basis of the book, which is about to appear in at least two languages.

We love the service and know this business from the point of view of the consumer and of the supplier.

Show yourself in all your glory

This was definitely a positive year for La Classe and we think that all our customers were satisfied. We look with confidence into the future. We are constantly learning the details of the protocol in business relations. And this means that every time we have something to say, more and more interesting and important.

Here is one tip. While waiting for a meeting in the conference room, do not sit down. So, a newcomer will not find you in the position below. The first impression is basic. Show yourself in full growth. Show yourself in all your glory.

We are sure that when choosing a service provider, a fresh client will quickly bring his money to a charming crook with perfect manners, rather than to the most professional and unique specialist with 3 star manners.

Even the price is of less importance than the personal perception of the person facing you. Hospitality is your key to success.


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