We usually say that we don't get the chance to make a good first impression twice.  

The emphasis in La Classe Webinars is on fine service and improving the professional image of your teams, including their first impression.

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Our Programmes

  1. Codes of excellence in service  

  2. Codes for foreign customers

  3. Mastery of the First Impression. Conversation

  4. Drafting of official / commercial letters

  5. Secretariat / Telephone reception

  6. Management of complaints and claims  

  7. Business lunch, Etiquette and manners

  8. Netiquette: leading a meeting remotely and maintaining impeccable elegance

  9. Public speaking with or without a mask


As a training body approved by the FEDEM for reception techniques, Monegasque companies can benefit from a government retrocession of 30% on the total amount excluding tax of training provided by La Classe.

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