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Presented by Anastasia Shevchenko.

​"I learned from the greatest American professors (including Debra Byrd - vocal coach for American Idol (Star Academy equivalent) and Livingston Taylor (5 Billboard Hits in Top 40) to define the style and pace of public speeches to be adopted, choose themes, lead presentations, design launches, presentations, interviews, and transitions. "

Статуя с маской

"The training program studies in depth and detail the art of starting and maintaining a conversation and demonstrates cross-cultural differences, covers over 100 topics and over 300 questions relevant to a successful conversation with a client with and without a mask." . "

Training topics include

5 good reasons to wear a mask

1. When you wear a mask, you protect your community.

2. Wearing a mask is a good way to avoid touching your face.

3. The masks serve as a reminder of physical distancing measures.

4. Masks help limit the spread between people and objects.

5. Buying a hand-made mask can be a great way to support a small local business.

Develop your self-confidence while wearing a mask.

  • security ;

  • certainty and attitude;

  • courage;

  • self-confidence ;

  • ease and skills;

  • self control ;

  • human relations.

Официант с маской
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Социальная дистанция в офисе

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