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The eternal rivals: England and France. When an Englishman casually talks about the weather, a Frenchman will try to make small talk a kind of verbal art.

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About the Author

Anastasia Shevchenko

Expert in intercultural communication.

Founder of the training company "La Classe" specializing in the development of corporate cultures and identities, reception and communication techniques, intercultural relations.​​


Courteous, pleasant, polite, worldly, fascinating, fruitful, discreet, intellectual, business, philosophical, benevolent, frank, playful, constructive, quiet, informal, confidential, unhurried, friendly, witty, promising, humorous, casual - it can be so different.

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You will discover, but not only...

  • Introduction  

  • Chapter 1. Chance of Success

  • Two tasks

  • Cross-cultural distinctions of small talk

  • Jokes and anecdotes

  • Could you tell me more

  • Language in intercultural communication

  • Contextuality of small talk

  • Ideal subjects are mundane

  • How to stop a gossip?

  • In a not sincere way, but in a worldly way

  • Maintain a small talk

  • Asking questions doesn't mean delving into the soul

  • simple questions

  • Answer the question correctly

  • Chapter 2. Reasons for communication

  • Seek to practice small talk

  • make contact

  • I exist

  • But I'm interested in you

  • Above all, be in a good mood yourself

  • For prospects and customers

  • Traffic light rule

  • How to avoid a tedious conversation during networking?

  • Recognize signals

  • “Ah! »

  • Respect the limits

  • How to express disagreement?

  • The elegance of speech. Eight Rules of The Class

  • Taboo subjects

  • How to answer embarrassing questions?

  • Rude talk and jokes

  • Controversial topics: health, politics, religion

  • Go to the extreme

  • When there's nothing to lay down

  • What catches the eye

  • Topics always easy to discuss

  • Business

  • Chapter 3. When a small talk becomes a conversation

  • 100 suitable topics

  • Small talk for all occasions

  • Flirting

  • A bunch of questions

  • Networking

  • Conclusion. universal laws

  • About the Author

  • contacts

  • In case you haven't had enough questions

  • Contents

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