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Training allows you to acquire new skills

The training entitled "Writing official / commercial letters" is scheduled for 1 hour and a half and contains a maximum of practical information, as well as examples of concrete situations. 

Training topics include:  

  1. Master the written and digital worlds;

  2. Letter formats;  

  3. Envelopes, labels and address forms;

  4. Greetings and approvals;  

  5. Tips and recommendations for Skype and Zoom online meetings ... and more.

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5 good reasons to know how to write

Even in the digital age, it is still necessary to understand how the style of a person's name can show respect and indicate rank.

The steps to obtain information can of course be done very often by telephone. But, between the waiting time or the unavailability of interlocutors, we do not always obtain the information.


It is then that one can write by letter or, more and more, by e-mail.

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