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We can effectively recover from a long period of downtime and strengthen excellence in customer relations.


Organize tailor-made training courses to gain confidence and to have the keys that will allow your teams to retain your customers.


Древние статуи

Intercultural Hospitality

The motivation of your teams;

Physical reception;

The gestures, the tone, the voice;

Support and relational elegance;

Verbal elegance;

Human relationship and communication.

Knowing how to communicate with or without a Mask

The training program explores in depth and detail the art of starting and maintaining a conversation  and  demonstrates intercultural differences,  covers over 100 topics and over 300 questions relevant to a successful conversation with a client with and without a mask.

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Статуя Будды

Management of complaints and claims

Main goal: to turn an angry customer into a passionate fan. 

Reception in Business

We draw conclusions about the whole institution, the whole house, and not just the employee.  

As a training body approved by the FEDEM for reception techniques, Monegasque companies can benefit from a government retrocession of 30% on the total amount excluding VAT.

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